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 MX User Choice Awards 2020
by   PangoLynne at 02 Jan, 2021  

1st of January - 14th of January

With the new year passed, now is the chance to look back through what has been achieved as a community.
The 2020 ManiaExchange User Choice Awards have commenced!

Vote for what have been the year's best creations, your favourite builders, the most skilled drivers, and the important community members across 39 categories. Including some new categories for TM2020!

All information about how and where to vote, as well as a list of categories can be found in this forum thread over on ManiaExchange

TMX Knockout map submissions are open!

The TMX Knockout will be played once a month starting soon and will need maps in order to be played.

There are four mappacks, one for each of the four game types:
KO-R - Rounds
KO-T - Time Attack
KO-L - Laps
KO-P - Platform

For now, we want to focus on Rounds and Time Attack maps, as they are the primary types played each knockout.

All information about the Knockouts can be found here!
All rules regarding building and submitting maps can be found here!
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