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Read Post 5:00 PM on 11-Nov-2020
Hey, I just posted my 1st blog entry and field with tags wouldn't let me to submit it due to error in separating tags. TAG SEPARATION BUG There is a possibility that I am doing something wrong, but I tried both ways and neither don't work. 1st w...
Read Post 8:28 AM on 28-Oct-2020
I am also missing ppo for this game! Much easier to find your friends and play better quality tracks with a longer timelimit!
Read Post 8:21 AM on 28-Oct-2020
Just thinking if this feature would be a good addition. Map Review servers are almost dead and there are not that mmuch good maps. Maybe a Server or a Room with Most Competitive would be interesting. Are there any plans for that? Greetings
Read Post 10:03 AM on 20-Oct-2020
Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible to create a "Download All Replays" button so that we don't have to download replays individually if there are a lot of replays we want to download. Even a "Download Top 10 Replays" would be fine.
Read Post 11:47 AM on 19-Oct-2020
Thx for your reply. I was using a "regular" replay tho and not the autosave one. I tried using the autosave aswell as 2 different manually saved replays but all lead to the same error message when trying to upload a replay to that map.
Read Post 8:56 PM on 18-Oct-2020
I think that is a game bug actually. The autosave file do not refresh when you improve your time. So you have to "save the replay" with clicking on the "save replay" button to post your improved time.
Read Post 8:06 PM on 18-Oct-2020
Map: https://trackmania.exchange/maps/18712/valley-run-2 Replay: https://mega.nz/file/EdExhCxa#vw9vxwhvx_hODxQPWjATcBKMALtDm-eSusOWoCD70VU Map version is 7 days old and i downloaded the map earlier today aswell so i should have the correct ve...
Read Post 4:58 PM on 11-Oct-2020
Fixed in the new update.
Read Post 4:57 PM on 11-Oct-2020
Fixed in the new update.
Read Post 9:14 PM on 10-Oct-2020
Thank you very much for your answer, I'm looking forward to that.