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Read Post 9:30 AM on 04-Jan-2021
Read Post 9:29 AM on 04-Jan-2021
Read Post 9:27 AM on 04-Jan-2021
Read Post 9:26 AM on 04-Jan-2021
Read Post 1:27 AM on 04-Jan-2021
22491 This is my submission for MTC January 2021. Enjoy! :)
Read Post 10:37 PM on 03-Jan-2021
Hello. Sorry this is late, just joined this website today. Have you checked that the room settings are set to lap mode and not time attack? As well as checking that the number of laps is set higher than 1?
Read Post 12:58 PM on 03-Jan-2021
Agent Orange (mtc) by pjw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3PpZluZdkQ
Read Post 5:49 PM on 02-Jan-2021
at this point most of the, what u call, custom blocs are items so yeh everything this side is allowed ;)
Read Post 4:43 PM on 02-Jan-2021
AT beating runs : TrackMania 2020 - Winter Campaign driven by 1Zaitsev1 https://youtu.be/KQRyRyCGg9Y , https://youtu.be/mSDm1-pIDus , https://youtu.be/ZNFUo-jVxVM h f ! ;)
Read Post 3:55 PM on 02-Jan-2021
Embedded items are allowed I would take this statement to also cover embedded custom blocks.