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[BUG] Viewing a thumbnail on the bottom
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[BUG] Viewing a thumbnail on the bottom 08 August 2020 19:46:51  
First, I hope I did it right.^^

So, when you have a list of tracks, you can scroll as far as the list goes. If you wanna view the thumbnail of the last track, it gets cut, because the picture is below the track.

Now, that we have content below the last track, we can scroll further down.
Here comes the problem, that happens next: When you scroll down to view the entire thumbnail, you cursor will leave the track-zone and the thumbnail disappears, which means that the page jumps back to last track. This leads to the result that you cursor is again on the track-zone to show the thumbnail and the page jumps back, where you tried to view the picture and so on. So, what we see is, that the content of the page always jumps up and down.

I hope it is detailed enough. It is very easy to reproduce this behaviour. ;)

Best, OregoX
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11 August 2020 02:15:17  
Was going to report the same, going to add here instead:

The footer is too small.
if 1 of the bottom 6 tracks of a listing is hovered over, the site extends due to the preview image and thereby creates a scroll effect, so it deselects the one hovered over, thereby unloading the preview image, trying to load the new one, scroll happens again etc etc.
if you create a bigger footer with room for the preview of the bottom row i got a feeling the bug will be fixed.

(or let the thumbnail load upwards instead of hanging down from icon)
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11 August 2020 14:48:39  
Thanks for your reports, it will be fixed in the next update.
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