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 New public skin!
by   eyebo at 11 Aug, 2020  

  DMW»UD has created an awesome new skin for TrackmaniaExchange ! You can get the skin for free in the TrackmaniaExchange club in-game.

Check out some cool screenshots by   G615 in this forum topic, and drop a note of thanks to the skin maker.

Have you heard? The 2020 edition of the TMUF Freestyle Cup is bringing its final month to TM 2020. Freestyle is what combines skate parks and Trackmania to create a new experience.
Click the link to find out more!

The first blog post of our series Hello TMX. Read about the following topics:

  • Recap of the first month of TMX
  • Comparing the numbers to previous *exchange sites
  • Teasing some upcoming features

TMX Knockout map submissions are open!

The TMX Knockout will be played once a month starting soon and will need maps in order to be played.

There are four mappacks, one for each of the four game types:
KO-R - Rounds
KO-T - Time Attack
KO-L - Laps
KO-P - Platform

For now, we want to focus on Rounds and Time Attack maps, as they are the primary types played each knockout.

All information about the Knockouts can be found here!
All rules regarding building and submitting maps can be found here!

Today, we have replaced the Map style with Tags! That means you can now assign up to three tags to your map.
New tags include Mini, Ice, Reactor, Scenery, Kacky, Endurance and more!

You can find the changelog here. If you have encountered a bug or have feedback, leave us a message here.

New update for TMX. A lot of hotfixes, but also some styling improvements and new things. Highlights:
  • You can now manage forum notifications thread by thread
  • Fixed the disappearing screenshots
  • Some new statistics
  • Improved BBCode text editor look

Read the changelog using the button on the bottom left! If you experience any issues, report bugs in this forum.

A new update has come out for TMX!
  • The API has been finished up and updated! Read the documentation here.
  • Mobile compability updates
  • Changing terminology: Tracks are now Maps (backwards compatible URLs!)
  • Suggest a featured map!
  • Style improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Replay upload will be enabled, as soon an OAuth / API is provided by Nadeo. We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll push this forward as effective as possible.

These things will follow up soon:
  • TMX Mediapack
  • Beta Area
  • New Map page design

Welcome to Trackmania Exchange!

Trackmania Exchange (TMX) is the central website for every Trackmania player to share their maps and replays with the community.

Make an account on TMX to share your own maps with the world! Receive feedback and awards from other players. Discover the unlimited creativity of the community by downloading and playing the maps of others. Join the biggest community of content creators in Trackmania!

For every version of Trackmania there has been a TMX tracksharing site. Since 2004, more than a million maps have been uploaded to our community and we look forward to continue this success story in the new game! We celebrate the start of the new game not only with the launch of the new Trackmania Exchange, but also with the introduction of many new features:

• New site design! (Work in Progress)
• Supporters can upload up to 5 images to their tracks
• HD image upload (up to 500KB) for everyone
• New Signpack

Click here to start finding tracks and join us in the forums or on Discord, if you have any questions.

Happy Creating!
The TMX Admin & Mod Team
Welcome to the Trackmania Exchange!

New features:
  • New site design! (Work in Progress)
  • Supporters can upload up to 5 images to their tracks
  • HD image upload (up to 500KB) for everyone

and more! (more info soon)
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